Trigger action. Trigger progress. Trigger growth.

(Be)Longing is a community-based performance project taking place in cities nationwide asking how we recover from violence and prevent its recurrence. A local cast performs the core oratorio by composer Byron Au Yong and writer Aaron Jafferis, alongside multiple community-created projects.

Phase 1 - (Be)Longing

(Be)Longing incorporates a grounded creative team with community individuals to produce a unique perspective on gun violence, tragedy, and gun safety through a theatrical choral and hip-hop musical performance.

Phase 2 - Activate (Be)Longing

In response to (Be)Longing, Activate (Be)Longing is a series of community events that aim to continue the conversation on how to recover from violent events and what it takes to initiate the process needed to change the future.

*Photo by Richard Mallory Allnutt